Digital markets require digital audiences.

Capital markets are moving into a “media first” model.

Every aspect of both business development and capital development in capital markets are merging into digital media models. 

This next phase of fintech development will see activities like investor audience building, digital distribution, media-centric deal origination, and digital capital raise transform global capital markets.

I help founders, executives, and marketers navigate the emerging trends and business opportunities as media & audience building take center stage in capital markets.

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Content Builds Capital

Digital media platforms are transforming capital raise and business development for financial services firms.  Pendry Cannon’s Content & Capital gives you everything you need to leverage digital media to build capital, increase deal flow, and position your firm to potential clients, investors, and partners. 

In this keynote I discuss the rising power & importance of digital publishers in capital markets.

Creating a global network at the heart of media's rise in capital markets.

Since 2018 I’ve been helping founders & executives bridge the gaps between digital media & publishing and capital markets and building a personal network at the heart of this transformation of markets.

I’ve hosted a variety of events & meetings with different partners around the world from Manhattan to the Cayman Islands to London to Vancouver to Washington D.C. and more.

If you’re navigating this intersection of capital markets and digital media then I’d love to connect with you and see what connections I can make for you.