"I'm calling an emergency FinPub Forum Jan 25-26th.

"We're coming out of the hardest time the industry has faced in over a decade - but it IS getting better. Time to pull together and make sure 2023 is a strong year for all of us.

Sold OUT.

Sorry, the FinPub Forum is now at full to capacity for the venue I reserved and I cannot take new registrations.

Did you know trading indicator funnels are killing it right now?

They are.

Or that there is a $79 billion asset manager that is willing to pay you $10,000 per customer he gets from your list… and we know his customer is on your list?

There is.

These are just two of the many, many bright spots we see popping up all over the industry right now.

There are great things happening all over the industry – both in legacy newsletter & trader education businesses AND in the emerging next gen finpub models we are seeing pop up all over the place.

I don’t think it makes sense to wait half a year to get together to share what’s working.

We all need 2023 to be a great year.

The best way to do that is to kick it off right – get together, share what’s working, do business together.

That’s why I am calling an Emergency FinPub Forum on January 25-26th, in Jacksonville, Florida.

And why I’m inviting you to join me and many of the top founders and marketers in the industry at this special FinPub Forum in January.

This is special session will be set up a bit different. I’m splitting this into two-days

  • Day one is focused on what’s working right now in the legacy Financial Publishing & Trader Education sector. We’ll dig into what’s converting, what’s not, where different pubs are finding revenue, and more.
  • Day two is focused on the growing NextGen FinPub models & opportunities. I’m talking about emerging models, new advertising opportunities, and alternate revenue  channels & sources (like, come meet the media buyer for a $79 billion asset manager who will pay you $10k per customer you send his way. see below)


I realize not everyone on your team is necessarily interested in the Next Gen FinPub models.

You can choose to attend one or both days.

Or bring your marketing team to day one and only partners on day two. 

I’m making this flexible.

Here’s a look at some of what we’re covering in January so you can decide if you want to join us.

Day One:

Sharing Bright Spots, Conversions & What's Working.

"I can guarantee a 100% ROI in 30-days right now."

“I’m coming up with creative ways to subsidize my acquisition and that includes sharing leads I generate on my front end of promotions.

“For the right partners I can leverage my email universe to guarantee you make all your money back on your offers in 30-days when you buy media alongside me.

“I’m bringing my team down to Jacksonville to look for partners and share what’s working.

“Get down there and join us.” – Bret Holmes, Money Map Press.

The customer is NOT gone - he's just waiting.

Bret recently posted his perspective on where things stand with list monetization. 

“I send 4 million emails per day.

“I’m seeing a 4% response rate but sales are 70% off where they used to be.

“What does that tell you?

“People are listening. People are reading. People aren’t ready just yet.”

“It’s coming. Hang in there.”

Bret’s coming down to the Emergency FinPub Forum in Jacksonville ready to do deals.

“I’ve got a traffic. I’ve got converting offers. I’ve got lead flow.

“Come down. Talk to me. Let’s do some business.

“This is just part of the business. It’s cyclical.

“The good times are coming back.”

"We're all feeling some pain right now - but there are things converting."

“It’s hard to keep smiling through huge revenue drops, painful layoffs of good people, and a market where everything in the business feels harder.

“But we are seeing certain types of promos and funnels converting – like trading indicator funnels. We have a strong one that’s been working and I’ll have our team walk everyone through it.

“We need to get together, share what’s working now, capitalize on joint venture opportunities, do more affiliate deals, and make sure 2023 is better than 2022.”

“I’m joining John to call for this Emergency FinPub Forum because I know the industry needs it and I know my business needs it.

“If you can make it down to Jacksonville in January I’m sure you’re business will be better off than it would be by not coming.” -Morgan Busby

Monetization Hotseats

There’s money in your list you haven’t claimed

It’s almost inevitable.

Every publisher has it.

I’ve organized a couple of hot seat sessions over the years for small publishers.

And almost every one of them resulted in the publisher have their highest revenue month directly following that session.

I’m asking Bret Holmes to join me and a few other veteran marketers, publishers, and media buyers to run a couple of hotseats at the Forum.

The idea is for one publisher to share what they’re doing and have the some of the best minds in the business “find the cash” they can pull out right now.

And point out the most promising longer term revenue generators you can add now.

It’s a rare chance to listen to some of the top publishers and builders in the business show you how to think through the specifics of building a publishing franchise.

What's converting now

There are things, like trading indicator funnels and natural resource promos that are converting right now.

We are going to have several marketers share the exact funnels and promos that are working right now.

Roughly 80% of all acquisition always happens in the same handful of sectors in any given business cycle.

Whether it was 5G, Crypto, Cannabis, Options, or the BRICs – any industry veteran knows most acquisition in any period stays in narrow themes.

Not entirely, but mostly.

So getting on the right page with your promos really matters.

The best way to do that is to see what’s converting industry-wide.

That’s what we’re doing here.

If you have things converting I’d love for you to share as well.

This meeting is going to be very conversational. 

Flash Sessions around media buying, phone sales, copy and more

The entire point is to talk to everyone about what they find working.

To that end we’re doing some Flash Sessions.

A Flash Session starts with a topic, for instance, phone sales.

I know some groups are finding phones sales to be their saving grace right now. I’ll ask them to talk real fast about what’s working, what’s making the difference for them, and let you ask questions.

We don’t need big presentations here. We need clear, concise answers about what exactly is working right now.

It’s the fastest way to get all the things working right now out in the open so you can capitalize on it ASAP.

We’ll do these Flash Session around all the core business topics – media buying & acquisition, backend monetization, affiliate marketing, phone sales, media sales, and more. 

Join us at One Ocean Resort in Jacksonville, Florida on January 25-26th, 2023


Day Two:

Next Gen Financial Publishing

Everyone knows I’ve been obsessed with the intersection of media, publishing, and capital markets.

I’ve personally had same amazing wins in that exploration.

And part of me can’t stop chasing that dragon.

My chase has lead my to the floor of the NYSE.

It’s put me in a position to co-host meetings in the boardroom of the NYSE with my friend Vince, who owns Fintech.tv

I’ve done private events with investment banks, put rooms of institutional managers with trillions under management together, and every where I go I talk about how finpub should be at the center of the digital transformation of capital markets.

On this second day of the forum I am bringing you the latest fruits of this search.

I realize not everyone is interested in alternate models, capital markets, and the changing face of digital financial publishing.

That’s why I’ve made it so you can get a BASIC registration for Day One.

Or, get an All Access Registration to attend both days.

Here’s what we’re digging into on the second day.

#1: Big. New. Money.

Meet a media buyer from a $79 BILLION asset manager who will pay you $10k per customer generated off your list. 

We’ve seen a $10 billion increase in annual digital ad spend across financial services over the past few years.

One future for finpub and media agencies is to learn to capture value in some of the most profitable verticals inside this massive bull market.

I’ve invited one of those media buyers to come speak with us to show you one of the sweetest “honey holes” in financial advertising.

He’s a media buyer for a $79 BILLION asset manager that wants to talk to you.

He wants to buy media from you.

He can pay you up to $10,000 per customer generated from your list.

He is part of a little subsector that is among the big spenders in the modern world of digital financial advertising.

I’ve asked him to join us to tell you in detail about what customer he wants.

What he’ll pay.

Why he’ll pay so much.

What kind of copy hooks and messages he has seen his customer respond to and more. 

And NO, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH investor relations.

Think about this: There is a $79 billion asset management platform who will pay you $10,000 for a specific type of customer.

A very specific type of customer that we KNOW FOR A FACT is already on most publishers’ email lists.

It’s a type of traffic you already have but don’t currently select for in your copy.

And it’s extraordinarily valuable to a very specific type of asset management company.

And you’re going to meet and hear from a major buyer of that traffic who would LOVE to pay you $10k per customer.

This is just one, super profitable slice of the new bull market in financial advertising.

In this session you will see two main areas of revenue generation:

  1. Direct selling of advertising. He’s coming to meet new traffic sources to buy from.
  2. There are publishing opportunities around targeting this specific type of customer that could be wildly profitable outside of what he is worth to media buyers from asset management companies.

The best media source he has right now is a publisher who built an audience around his customer.

He hopes more publishers will do the same.

We already know some of his customers are latent in all our investment newsletter traffic.

That means you can select to build a core audience around that customer who you can monetize 1. with subscriptions 2. with high end advertising.

And he is just one company, from one sub-sector, inside a much bigger industry that pays enormous amounts of money to target one-specific type of customer.

It’s big money in a tightly focused niche. 

Building a list of customers worth $10k to certain asset managers is just one of many profitable roads you can take today.

Future #2: B2b FinPub & Financial Services Business Opportunities for Digital Marketers

“I believe you can make more money, faster going forward in this area than in trader education or investment newsletters.”

B2B FinPub is on the rise.

What is that?

Several things.

Investment publishing focusing on professional investor audiences – like RIAs & wealth advisors, family offices, and others.

It’s also traditional financial publishing targeting entrepreneurs.

It’s also publishing targeting specific sectors of the financial services business world – from investor relations pros to brokers to all kinds of sell side.

And more.

The beautiful thing about B2B financial publishing is the math.

In a B2B publishing business you turn the acquisition math upside down.

In normal B2C publishing you’re working with a big prospect universe that spends a little money.

That means your copy has to be killer. Your media buying has to be elite. You have to do a lot of things really well because to scale you need to get in-front of A LOT of prospects at a low cost to acquire.

B2b turns that on its head.

You have niche audiences with customers worth huge amounts of money.

That means you can easily spend a lore more money per customer to acquire them.

It means you don’t have to scale media as high as you normally need to.

It means you can compete more effectively for attention because there are a lot fewer people targeting these niches in publishing (for now).

And more.

Even better: The ad revenue you can generate from an engaged B2B audience is huge. 

And you can tap that revenue with relatively small lists because each customer is worth so much.

Future #3: The Coming “Sidecar" Publishing Explosion

It deviates from old school publishing and delivers a explosive new revenue opportunities.

A new model for financial publishing is emerging that could make the existing stock-picking analyst model obsolete.

It’s more engaging because…

… it brings customers closer to the people in their investments…

…  gives the guru/editor higher positioning…

… creates more personal stories to talk and write about…

… and a level of credibility far beyond what the current pub model allows for.

It also creates more value for the customer.

All while giving you more revenue models to work with.

This is not theory – it’s already happening OUTSIDE traditional FinPub.

It is one of the major emerging futures for investor focused content in ways that simply selling subscriptions is not.

And people overly focused on the existing publishing models are going to see these new pubs fly past them.

I had lunch in Washington D.C. with an entrepreneur who “fell” into a variation of this model.

He was not a publisher.

He did not and still does not sell advertising (not even investor relations advertising).

But he found himself inside this new financial publishing model.

He also ended up with ownership stakes in over 400 different companies – all equity he did not have to pay for.

In fact, these companies paid him.

And no, he does not do investor relations.

Yes, 400 different companies paid him to take an ownership stake in their companies.

And that crazy story is just part of his journey into one version of this participatory publishing trend I’m laying out in this session.

He’s not the only one.

Another version of this idea is from a friend who has a website that sells advertising.

Future #4: How a guy with a $2 million website added a $100 million backend...

… with a team of less than 10 people for the entire business. And what it tells us about the future of finpub.

Yes, he made $100m off the back of a $2 million website… in a single year… personally.

Other years he made $20m to $40m.

But on his best year he made a full $100 million, personally.

To put that in perspective he took home more money than some of the biggest publishers make in profits – even at the point of their highest revenue.

That’s staggering.

It only happened as part of a transformation he went through that I’ve never broken down fully – not even in my high-end mastermind group.

He fell into a variation of the “sidecar publishing” model and it changed his life, his fortune, and his entire view of what’s possible with digital publishing and marketing. 

I’ve only ever given the highlights of what he did in that group but we are in critical times and I know I need to finally talk more fully about it.

In this session I’m going to break it down clearly and concisely.

This is probably the area where the small, or even lone entrepreneur or marketer, can capture the most cash in digital financial media and publishing.

This is not just one success story either.

I’ve seen variation after variation of this happening behind the scenes across the industry.

Some good, some regulatory nightmares.

I will break down the different models. 

Including why the guy who made $100 million isn’t playing at the top of the game, not by a long shot.

This is hands down the most exciting version of ALL of the different Next Gen FinPub models I’ve seen yet.

It blows the mind of everyone I share it with and they’ve never seen the full picture. This will be the first time I lay that out fully for you.


Basic Pass
Day One Only


You get full access to Day One where we are focusing on the immediate financial publishing opportunities – acquisition, media buying,  affiliate marketing, joint ventures, what’s converting, and more. 

All Access Pass
Attend Both Days


You get full access to The State of Finpub 2023 AND NextGen FinPub. One the second day we’re focusing on emerging and alternate revenue opportunities for publishers, marketers, media buyers, and copywriters.

Join us for a private forum for FinPub decision makers at One Ocean Resort in Jacksonville, Florida on January 25th, 2023 & on the bonus day on January 26th.

Join us at One Ocean Resort in Jacksonville, Florida on January 25-26th, 2023.


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